“Ask A Specialist” Virtual Series Addresses Parents’ Concerns

Who hasn’t had questions about their child’s development? Las Cumbres Community Services now offers an opportunity to join in discussion with developmental and clinical specialists to address your thoughts about your child’s development. The free virtual workshop series Ask a Specialist is held on the second Friday of each month from 10 to 11a.m. Past sessions have been recorded and are available online from the agency website.

Ask A Specialist features professionals such as physical, occupational and speech therapists; developmental specialists; and behavioral health clinicians. They cover frequently-asked questions, offer video and other presentations as relevant, and answer questions directly from attendees. This community support aims to integrate resources for families to achieve optimal physical, social/emotional and cognitive development for their children and easily accessible education for themselves. 

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All sessions are available by web link that goes live at the time of the session. Questions can also be posted using this link before the session or at any time, and answers will be provided via email. This same link will give parents, other caregivers and community providers access to the library of previously recorded sessions. Recently recorded programs focused on bilingual language development, detecting signs of autism, and leg and movement development in young children.

Ask A Specialist also offers drop-in discussions, on the fourth Friday of the month from 10 to 11 a.m. This is an opportunity to ask a live specialist any questions you may have about your child’s development.

Here are some examples of questions that have come up for discussion:
• How important is “belly time” and can someone tell me what that is?
• Should my child be talking by now?
• What can I do when my kids are bouncing off the walls?
• What if my child doesn’t respond when I call their name?
• Every little thing bothers my child. What do I do?


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