Cover Kids Q&A – Jasper & Mateo

Jasper, age 7 1/2, and Mateo Ciano, age 9 1/2, are brothers who enjoy spending time together swimming, playing in the snow, hiking, biking, playing chess and ambushing their parents with a snowball fight.

What do you like most about yourself right now?

J: That I love playing in the snow and the water.
M: Knowing how to swim, bike, hike, surf, play in the snow, draw, play chess, play music.

What do you think your future job will be?

J: Scuba diver
M: Artist

What are you good at?

Both: Ambushing our parents in a snowball fight.

Who are your best friends and why do you like each other?

J: Ellis, Leo and Elijah – We like the same things and have fun together.
M: Ellis and Leo – We like the same things and have fun together.

What do you think your parents do at work all day?

Both: Meetings, boring stuff, paperwork, planning events.

Why do you think kids go to school?

M: To learn and to have fun.

J: To learn and play.

What do you think will be different about the world when you are an adult?

J: The polar ice caps will be melted and lots of beach places will be under water and global warming.

M: More advanced technology.

What’s the most important rule that you know of?

J: No jump scaring, no singing songs about other people.



Photos © Tumbleweeds Magazine 2022. Cover Kid photographs taken by Tira Howard at Reunity Resources.


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