Cover Interview Q&A – Susanna Maurice

Meet the Tumbleweeds Magazine, Summer 2023 cover mom – Susanna Maurice – and her newborn baby (pictured at six days old!), Simone.

Tumbleweeds Mag: What’s your birth story?

Susanna: Simone came 10 days before her due date. She was a planned home birth with our wonderful midwife. I started getting regular contractions as I was putting our toddler to bed, but because Damek (my partner) was supposed to work at the Emergency Room the next morning at 6am, I delayed waking him up until I knew for certain that I was in labor, around 11pm. Labor was intense, progressed quickly and it only took one push for Simone to come out! By 2:43 that next morning we were able to welcome her into our world. Luckily, my husband was able to get his shift covered but I told him jokingly that he would have made it to work on time! 

TW: What advice do you have for other moms navigating the healthcare system in Northern New Mexico?

S: Ha, good luck! Persistence and patience are always helpful, and don’t be afraid to reach out to both your inner and extended community circle.

TW: What part of pregnancy will you miss, or not?

S: I love maternity pants and those belly shirts! Won’t miss the insomnia.


TW: If you had to choose one parenting mantra for yourself, what would it be?

S: Be kind and gentle. 

TW: What’s the most useful baby product you have? Why do you love it?

S: Most used-the Haaka breast pump! Saves all that extra milk! Most loved- the Ollie Swaddle. They are like luxury sheets in the swaddling game. 


TW: Any tips for the new dads and partners? How can they best support new moms?

S: It makes such a big difference to have support with the mundane housework (laundry, cleaning, breakfast), baby things (diapering, rocking, changing), and morning/bedtime routines (for the toddler) while they are home. And often, the most meaningful thing he can do is just sit with me and be present. 

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