It’s Time for Parents and Community Members to Speak Up

by | May 31, 2023

table with an apple, pens, books, and a gun

In April 2023, a middle high student brought a gun to Turquoise Trail Charter School. The school was locked down, and later students were evacuated from the school to the New Mexico Corrections Department’s administration building. No one was hurt. All children and staff were safe and accounted for. Both the school staff, local police, and New Mexico Corrections Department staff did an outstanding job managing the crisis and supporting families. The gun was eventually recovered. But the police investigation elevated a deep concern. One of the mothers of the involved middle school students heard that the students had a plan to bring the gun to school in advance of the incident and did not share this information with school administrators or the police. When asked why, the mother said it was not her place to tattle on the boys. 

The safety of children and the community is everyone’s business and responsibility. Officials encourage people who see something to say something. While the outcome of this incident is fortunate, not all situations involving guns in schools end up with every child getting picked up by a parent and all school staff driving home safely. Our schools are worth erring on the side of caution. Let’s speak up!

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