Cover Kid Q&A – Raffi Paglayan

by | Aug 25, 2023

breakdancing kids

Meet Cover Kid – Raffi Paglayan! 

Raffi loves to breakdance at Santa Fe Breakin’ Academy, Santa Fe’s very own School of Breakin and Hip-Hop Culture. Also featured is fellow breakdancer, Jaco Gent. Photos by Kitty Leaken.

What do you love most about dancing?

Raffi:  The feeling when you get out on the dance floor.

Jaco:  The energy it gives me.


What have you learned through dancing with others?

Raffi:  I learned how to express myself.

Jaco:  Supporting each other.


How old are you?

Raffi:  10 years old

Jaco:  7 years old


What school do you attend? What do you love about your school?

Raffi:  I attend La Mariposa Montessori. I love the animals the most. 

Editor’s note: La Mariposa Montessori has horses, pigs, chickens and more on its campus.

Jaco:  La Mariposa Montessori and friends

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Who inspires you to breakdance?

Raffi:  My friend Tika!

Jaco:  B Boy Faro and B Girl Ale


What do you want other Tumbleweeds Mag kids to know about you?

Raffi:  I like reading and writing too.

Jaco:  I love to Break!


If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

Raffi:  End littering the ocean!

Jaco:  I would stop Antarctica from melting.

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