Cover Kids Q&A – Xavier & Lucia Garcia

Xavier and Lucia with puppies

Meet Cover Kids Xavier & Lucia Garcia

Santa Fe photographer, Kitty Leaken, captured these beautiful photos of the Winter 2023-2024 Tumbleweeds cover kids! 5-year-old Xavier Garcia and 3-year-old Lucia Garcia are cuddling up with adorable Golden Labrador puppies. (See the live stream of the puppies below.) Both Xavier and Lucia enjoy spending time with their family, playing soccer and playing with their friends at school. Get to know these two cover kids and read their Tumbleweeds interview.

How do you like to spend your time?

Xavier: I like being with my family.

Lucia: With my friends at school.

What do you think will be different about the world when you are an adult?

Xavier:  Seeing new things and me being a firefighter. 

Lucia:  I don’t know.

Who are your best friends and why do you like each other?

Xavier:  Lucas, Richard, and Jace. We like each other because we’re fun.

Lucia:  Peyton, Ms. Tammy (teacher) and Ms. Lisa (teacher) Because we’re cute and nice

What do you think your parents do at work all day?

Xavier:  Work in meetings and do important stuff. 

Lucia:  Call people and work on the computer.

What’s the most important rule that you know of?

Xavier:  No kicking. 

Lucia:  No fighting.

Xavier and Lucia with puppy

All the puppies will be joining their new families right in time for Christmas.


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