Cover Kids Q&A – Leo & Lucy

Leo and Lucy sitting on slide

Meet Cover Kids Leo and Lucy

Leo Webb age 10 and Lucy Webb age 3 having fun in the park while enjoying each other’s company.

How do you like to spend your time?

Leo: Playing video games, hanging out with family, and sitting down and relaxing.

Lucy: Doing homework.

What do you think will be different about the world when you are an adult?

Leo: My football team will have a different quarterback.

Lucy: I will grow big and live in a castle.

Who are your best friends and why do you like each other?

Leo: My best friend is Kahia. We always have fun together. She is the best.

Lucy: I like kitties and puppies.

What do you think your parents do at work all day?

Leo: Mom gets on meetings, and dad catches bad guys.

Lucy: Call somebody, mom draws and dad gets on his computer.

What's the most important rule that you know of?

Leo: Be nice to each other.

Lucy: Drink water.

Lucy and Leo on bikes


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